Y Ahora Qué Magazine

Revista Y Ahora Qué

Our Commitment

To our readers: We offer engaging and valuable information to guide students in their educational and professional journey.

To our advertisers: We provide high-quality support in both format and content, as well as in distribution, for effective promotion among young audiences.

At a Glance

  • Launch: June 2003

  • Frequency: Quarterly (September, December, March, and May)

  • Target Audience: High school students

  • Print Run: 30,000 copies

  • Distribution: 28,950 copies

  • Audience: 115,800 readers

  • Distribution: Nationwide in schools and institutes

We Care About Every Detail to Reach Students

Nationwide Distribution

Student mobility is a trend. More and more scholarships are available for mobility, and an increasing number of students are leaving their provinces in search of high-quality, attractive educational offerings that meet their needs.

Using the Best External Resources

To ensure the highest standards of service and image, we use:

  • Postal services for individual shipments

  • Courier services for magazine packages

Sending Magazines to Schools and Institutes

Students decide what and where to study based on the information they receive from counselors or peers in their own schools or institutes. This is where they shape and make decisions about their future education, and an orientation magazine should be part of this important stage. To achieve this, we maintain a comprehensive, constantly updated database and contacts in educational centers.

Labeled and Addressed to a Responsible Person

Y AHORA QUÉ is delivered to the attention of the school's counselor, director, high school coordinator, or head of studies, who is responsible for:

  • Handing out the magazine directly to students

  • Making it available in classrooms and libraries

Over 90% of high school centers throughout Spain receive a copy of the magazine, and about 500 centers receive courier packages of 10, 25, 50, or 100 copies to distribute among their students.

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